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Lisa's "Living my Brand" - January

In January I lived my brand.

I'm prouder than ever of it.

It achieved exactly what I'd envisioned for it's subscribers:

1. I felt like I was on a psychological holiday from thinking about MY food.

I ate when I was hungry, I waited if I couldn't get to my meals. Weekends I didn't binge but I did relax about what I ate.

I had all my coffees including the biscuits, egg on toast or oats for breakfast when I felt like it. It was a total treat.

2. I lost 1kg a week consistently.

6.5% of me is gone and it felt almost Completely Effortless.

My favorite moment about this was the Virgin Active Manager noticed and said my face looks sharper. I carry weight in my face, it's a curse!

3. I saved money.

I wasn't in woolies 3x a week donating limbs. (Except for my rebellious daughter, she still keeps her hooks in at woolies).

Weight is down, money is up, spirits are up and.... I'M READY FOR MY BIRTHDAY.

I will absolutely live my brand again in Feb because:

My energy levels were perfect all month for gym, work and life.

I'm now too used to enjoying not doing the 5pm scramble to throw something together for dinner. (I always used to miss kitchen closing time).

I don't have food guilt.

It's a win all round for me.

I'm so glad I did it. In one way I'm annoyed with myself I didn't do it earlier. But I think we can all agree... Whatever regrettable actions taken in 2020 is forgiven.

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