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Lisa's "Living my Brand" Update 11 Feb

I get such great joy from seeing the repeat bookings from meal planners at Nouriti come through every week. I'm still in awe at the support... yet, now I get it.

I've actually become reliant on the meals myself for many reasons, main ones being:

1. I'm lazy and it saves me shopping and cooking 2. It was an "easy" way to drop 5.... Yes 5kg in just over a month despite a debaucherous birthday weekend. (8% of me is gone and my brain hasn't yet caught up with that!)

3. I'm saving huge amounts of money (ok, admittedly I get the meals at cost, let's be honest here, but even if I was paying my R550/week, it's nothing compared to the R700 trips to Woolies every 2nd day and I actually didn't eat anywhere near as well as I do now).

4. I live with no guilt anymore as there is always healthy meals in the fridge for my family so no 5pm panic of "Mum, what's for dinner?"

I told one of my closest friends last week "You know you don't need to feel obliged to order, right?" and she replied "Um, I know this, but if I stop order then what will I eat??".

I get that now. I truly do. So at some point I need to stop being surprised week on week at the high retention of customers we have. Though... this being said... may we NEVER as a team become complacent. We do dances of joy as a team each week the numbers are finalised and I'd like to think this humility and gratitude remains for a very, very long time and that our lovely club of meal plan customers continue to enjoy our FRESH DAILY, Nutritionally balanced meals that have a fresh menu EVERY WEEK! No copy and paste here.

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