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Lisa's "Living my Brand" Update April 2021

It's 7 weeks since my last "living my brand" blog entry.


I lost 5kg in the first 5 weeks of this year doing Nouriti Meal Plans.

I. Felt. Great.

It was then my birthday.

Cue copious amounts of cake and cocktails and celebrations. Copious and continued.

After which, we signed up for a new, offsite kitchen to be able to accommodate our ever growing (so, so grateful), membership.

The endless To Do lists to get set up had me turning to all the wrong stress eating habits and I was silly, if I'd just ordered myself the meal plans, that would have been avoided.

Bad choices were made.

Living my brand, I was not.


What makes me proud, is the fact that despite the 7 weeks of debauchery, I only gained 2 of the 5kg back.

Which was a totally pleasant surprise.

Proof that the loss was real, not just water weight like carb elimination.

However, I do not feel great. The bad food has me regularly bloated, I've not been gyming much, energy is low, sleep isn't great and I'm snappy with those close to me.

So come Tuesday, I'm back to living my brand. I'm ready to be a functional grown up again that actually eats her vegetables.

Can't wait to feel better.

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