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We have Expanded by Reducing Waist Lines!

Due to our success in reducing waistlines, we have expanded and we couldn't be more excited about our new baby.

We outgrew our tiny mall kitchen last year.

We've HATED turning meal plan clients away due to capacity issues.

We have moved into our new kitchen this Easter weekend, we've taken on our 4th driver, we've increased our kitchen team, we've hired a manager... and we are ready to welcome our new members, serve our existing meal plan members better and enjoy having the mall go back to its roots of being an on demand health Cafe.

We are so, so grateful to our loyal meal planners.

We don't for one minute take for granted the fact that 9.7 new customers in every 10 rebook.

We aim to keep this retention the way we always have... through providing food that is:



Nutritionally balanced




Join the club and feel your best yet because you know you deserve to.

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