Lisa's "Living my Brand" Week 3

3.3kg down. (5.5% of body weight)

Training attendance wasn't great for numerous and annoying reasons of this relentless To Do list we call Life so I can't report back accurately on energy and endurance levels. There was basically very little calorie burn to be benefitted from aswell. Non scale victory : I discovered the G Star Raw Factory Outlet in Springfield Park and buying Jeans was a lot easier than 3.3kg ago so I'll take that win. Weekend was again not overly angelic but I've said weekends are for living... Perhaps 5 cocktails, a burger, chips and peppermint crisp tart last night may have been overshooting the mark a little but did I mention it was a relentless week? Whatever the circumstance... I know how hard I tried to lose the lockdown weight last year and the ease I've managed it with this year makes me excessively proud of my product. 2 weeks to my birthday and I'm really hoping for 1kg/week because then.... Bam, lockdown weight gone, goal achieved for my birthday and all round mission accomplished... And nearly 9% bodyweight vanished.

Must give up the quintuple cocktail lifestyle just until my birthday!

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