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Lisa's "Living my Brand" - Week 1

Week 1 living my brand, Nouriti No lie... 100% honestly loved my week and it was easier than I expected. Monday I was huuuungry but the results motivated me to be pretty good, far from perfect, but pretty good the rest of the week. Considering I still ate: 3 Rusks (my weakness in life), a wors roll, a few braai snacks like crackers, pate and crisps, 2 slices of pizza on Friday night (which means I have my Nouriti Meal for lunch today), A few drinks that weren't calorie free, All the coffee biscuits and mini muffins that come with my multiple coffees all week and the rBst free full cream milk I have in my coffees... So, to summarize, I probably ate 450 calories a day over and above my meals in these little indiscretions. They accumulate quickly, hence my reason for making the Nouriti meals low calorie and in favour of protein and fibre... The 2 things we skimp on in our discretionary calories. And I'm still 1.5kg down in 5 days. (The early boost of 1.8kg in the week was probably the release of water from my stiff muscles that I'd had, which I suspected. I'm slightly stiff today from crossfit so might get another boost when it wears off depending on how I navigate my weekend). I've done gym every day (not unusual for me so this won't be giving me the edge on weight loss, gym has never helped me in this regard, sure it turns fat to muscle but the scale remains) - 30 min only of hiit, Friday I did my usual Friday morning crossfit upstairs at Crossover. I've had all the energy I've needed for gym. I've not felt sleepy by 3pm which I usually do. I've managed to work past 6pm no problem. I've not been grumpy at all. (Many are grateful for this, I'm sure) Next week, we do it again. Hopefully less indiscretions, but won't be putting too much pressure on, as this is a sustainable way of life... Skipping the coffee biscuit, milk and Fri night pizza is not sustainable for me. Tune in next week for more riveting "Living my Brand" where I might treat you all to toilet habit updates aswell. Just kidding. I know food diaries aren't the most exciting topic, these public declaration updates are more for my benefit as it'll keep me accountable and in tune with what it is to live the Nouriti way of life where the pursuit is "feel your best yet". I don't feel my best yet... But I'm 25% closer to feeling my best yet than I was on Monday morning.

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