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Lisa's "Living my Brand"- The Decision

After soul searching and inspiration drawn from Ben Hunt-Davis "Will It Make the Boat go Faster", I decided on two 2021 main objectives.

So here's the obligatory public declaration.

1. I will live my brand.

I spent 2020 working my derriere off while I did absolutely nothing to actually work my derriere off.

I would literally experience jealousy over the results my meal plan clients were enjoying.

Yet there I am... In control & free access to the nucleus of their successes.

Ridiculous. I will not be this ridiculous any longer. I believe wholeheartedly in my brand, I WILL live it.

2. Financial Responsibility

Level 5 I was SO MOTIVATED, it was the ideal opportunity to work on my strategy. I chewed through almost a book a day, applying newly acquired and Freshly inspired knowledge to my exciting business.

Level 4 was delivery only. No TERS yet, no insurance, no rental discount yet, staff looking at me... Nearly half a million down, there were tears, there was resentment, there was desperation and a very real sense of pending DOOM.

I was in the shop myself all day, working on the planned reinvention in the evenings. Exhausted, I had no choice but to push on and then... My beautiful team supported my vision and my beautiful clients, in turn, supported us. And we were saved and we thrived and we are still overwhelmed with gratitude.

Did I put any money back into what I'd lost? Noooo, I had a sense of live in the now and tomorrow is not promised so I spent money like a, well... you know.

So I need to grow up. And be sensible once more. And find as much joy in investment as I do in hitting "go to cart".

So... Cheers to me... And all of you... Having clear, defined goals and here's to achieving them!


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