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Anecdotal Food Theories & Other Annoying things

Everyone's busy so I'll make this quick.

Anecdotal theories that are probably TOTALLY irrelevant to YOU unless you're a professional athlete or suffer a medical condition.

1. Meal Timing or timing of macros (protein after workout in your anabolic window, no carbs after 4pm etc)

2. Low carb/keto or other macro elimination

3. Plant based/paleo/dukan/Atkins/insert 9 million diet names here

4. Alkalinity

5. Metabolism shut down (my personal favourite and by favourite I mean not at all)

6. The other 9 million anecdotes we can spend months debating but I'm not prepared to try and list.

Sales pitch aside, the Nouriti Meal Plans work BECAUSE :

You don't have to (over) think about food.

It's stress free convenience.

It's nutritionally and calorically balanced.

Just eat them, stop fussing and enjoy them and voila... If you've not lost some weight and have great energy after a week, then I'd like to sit with you and seriously investigate why not because there are VERY few good reasons why you wouldn't and I'm willing to offer you a refund.

Take a load off.

Put the ridiculous theories aside.

There's so much more to enjoying in life than obsessing about food.

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